Program to change ip ChIP (Change IP)

Do you want to quickly and easily change your ip. But I do not know how to do it?

Make it easy to download our software ChIP (Change IP) - A program to change ip address. Install on your computer and play it! Total 2 clicks you are separated from the ip change. And then our VPN service will work for you.

So just go to the download!

download now

What devices

The program for ip changer can be used on devices with different operating systems such as high-grade as well as mobile (Windows, MAC OS, Android, etc.). If you have any questions you can always ask them to us.

All devices
All devices



Our servers make the encryption of all data sent to a taxi obtained. There is an internal protection against interception of information, such as passwords, online correspondence, billing information, etc.


If you change the IP-address you are completely anonymous and become our VPN allows you to anonymity
during use of the Internet to the maximum.

Worldwide Liberty

You get a chance to be in 1 click in another country thereby removing all restrictions. Now get to previously inaccessible sites and services become very easy.

ChIP (Change IP) - This is a program for anonymity inaccessible files downloading, online. This special VPN-client program that allows 1-click connect to servers located elsewhere on the fly and change your real IP address of the anonymous. To play on European servers, making the appearance that you are in another country, and more ...

download now

WHAT CAN USER SERVICE? - Russian video service with licensed content in different directions.

Available only from Russia

FOX - This is a major American television network. Get access to the latest editions of the popular TV series, TV shows and cartoons.

Available only in the US

Facebook - one of the largest social networks in the world at the moment. With many billionth audience.

It is not available from China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Iran, Syria.

Skype - popular VoIP internet messenger with the function of video calling. Often blocked in different countries.

It is not available from the UAE and Iran

Blogger - free blogging platform is the most popular and leading in this area. Also known as Blogspot.

It is not available from China and Kazakhstan

BBC — The Old English TV and radio company. A huge number of TV shows and series in a full-length HDTV format.

Available only from England

LiveJournal — a popular blogging platform. Due to the content of some diaries are often censored and blocked.

Unavailable from Kazakhstan periodically from China and other countries

Xbox Live — special service for owners of the Xbox 360, Xbox One. The English version has more advantages, because of the additional My Content, free extras and games. There is also a unique status which gives the player free full games

Available only from Europe and the US - free online service for listening to music with the recommendations of function and drawing up personal playlists.

Available free of charge from England, Germany and the US

YouTube - the largest and the world is most popular video hosting millions and billions of video views.

It is not available from China, Turkey, Chechnya, Tajikistan, Iran.

Yandeks.Music - free and legal music listening in the online format.
discography and latest albums, ratings, playlists.

Available only from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

hulu — portal with TV shows, serials, movies and trailers. Materials are available in more than 225 television companies.

Available only in the US

Spotify - music service offering legal music listening many Major and independent labels.

Available only from Europe and the US

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